There are just some things that need to be left to the professionals. Photography is one of them. Visual content is the key to any marketing plan – 80% of social media marketers use photography in their marketing & imagery is key to any digital marketing strategy. 

My clients have been calling out for this service, and it's finally here!


Offering clients a consistent and regular feed of fresh photography to get away from the impersonal stock photography that's out there. Keeping you on top of your game, at an affordable price and supplying you with bespoke professional photography for your business and digital marketing campaign. See the dropdown menu for examples of work.

Launching May 2017 . . . 

Monthly Subscription

Ongoing sessions for a continual supply of images

The subscription service provide you with a continual supply of on brand images in a cost and time efficient way.  

  • Are you always requiring new content for your social media plan or strategy?

  • Does your profile and business rely on continual images to keep your audience engaged? 

  • Do you need a cost and time efficient way of achieving these? 

This service is aimed at individuals and businesses who are always evolving, and require constant imagery to support their digital marketing plan.


Whether it's events, products, people or just general lifestyle imagery for your brand. I will shoot the pictures you need for that month, keeping your images up to date for all of your promotional needs.


Whether I come for an hour every month, or mix it up so that I come for 2 hours one month and then come back a couple of months later – how you work it is entirely up to you, but we can talk further about what suits you best. 

Typically, the subscription costs £150 per month, but can be more or less, depending on the level of photography you require. Get in touch and we can talk further about your requirements.


A professional service with fast turnaround and the digital images you need to use as you choose.


After an initial chat by telephone about the images you think you need and how you're hoping to use them (i.e. social media, website, printed literature), I'll come to your location (i.e. your home or office) and spend the session duration shooting with you. The shoot itself is really flexible and collaborative with opportunities to revisit angles/ backgrounds as you wish.  I then process the images for you and supply them digitally.


Contact Kate to discuss further or arrange a coffee. 

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